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This is a listing of breeders who are Members in Good Standing with the Kangal Dog Club of America, and who have signed the KDCA Code of Ethics for members and breeders. Please note that this listing does not imply endorsement by the KDCA, nor can the KDCA guarantee the services of said Member. It is the important responsibility of any prospective buyer to research and investigate individual breeders and their kennels.





If you're considering purchasing a Kangal dog:


  • Be sure to read "Is a Kangal Dog right for me?" as well as other articles in the KDCA BlogReading Room

  • Learn what questions to ask, and expect to be questioned yourself.

  • Talk to several breeders in order to find a breeder and a puppy that you will be happy with.


List of Breeders (in alphabetical order):


To be listed here, please contact our club secretary.

Banks Mountain Farm

Bob and Stuart Richens 
224 Thompson Street, #104 
Hendersonville, NC 28792 
Phone: (828) 685-1170 
Email: srichens@banksmountainfarm.com 
Website: www.banksmountainfarm.com

Chippewa Valley Kangals

Rachel Prince

Chippewa Valley, WI

Email: chippewavalleykangals@gmail.com

Website: www.chippewavalleykangals.com

Evans Mill Cattle Company

Elisabeth Jensen & Marc Guilfoil 

1861 Evans Mill Road

Lexington, KY 40515

Phone: (859) 940-3381

Email: jensenguilfoil@gmail.com

Website: www.evansmillcattleco.com

HexenWald Ranch

Babette Turk
Santa Cruz, CA

Phone: (949) 498 4988
Email: babette@hexenwaldranch.com

Website: www.hexenwaldranch.com

Kangal Dog Town

Mary Hughes

Gloucester, MA 
Phone: (978) 281-6703 

Email: happycolors1@comcast.net

Website: www.kangaldogtown.com

Shipman Acres

Stacy and Nathan Shipman 

Old Fort, TN

Phone: (423) 464-3859

Email: slshipman42@gmail.com 

Website: www.shipmanacres.com

Sivas Regal Kangal Dogs

Sue Kocher 
Raleigh, North Carolina 
Email: beautdogs@gmail.com
Website: www.regalkangal.com

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